1 June 2011

Our 50th Anniversary Cruise…..Part4

22nd December Sydney

We were optimistically looking forward to an early landfall at Sydney. Saving 12 hours due to the cancellation of the Arles trip. It meant we could extend our stay there as we were only scheduled to stay for 12 hrs. Would you believe it? The ship reduced speed to absorb the time, very disappointing as an extra 12 hours at the most prestigious harbour in the world have been fantastic. The extra time at sea was absorbed with games, lectures, music and sun bathing. As night drew in we retired unprepared for the dawn spectacular? Stepping onto our balcony as the engines slowed, we were met with the sunrise over Sydney.  A never to be forgotten sight.





We just stayed on the balcony in awe, as the ship settled to her mooring. Perfect, and only a few quid mooring fees????


We finished our breakfast and were off the ship as early as possible,10am. Walking around the harbour brought us into contact with allsorts of nationalities, busking students and backpackers entertained us as we made our way to the Opera House, passing the busy port on the way.



Pleasure trip boats seem to operate 24 hours a day from here but then you realise that the larger vessels are for commuting workers..



As we approached we came across this poster (pleased to see Billy doing so well).


What can we say about Sydney Opera House that's not been said before. We like millions before took loads of photographs but none can justify its spender.



There’s a huge park next to the opera house, you need to take a ride to see it all and our time was limited so we took advantage of the ride, a much reduced price is available for Australians but the British have to pay the full price, getting their own back!





These huge fruit bats were in decline, not sure what they did but they are now recovering,(artificial insemination?}


This tree a ‘’wongabilywanga’’ (only kidding) is the only specimen left and is thousands of years old. Why don’t they take a cutting you may ask, I did and was told that it is the ‘’male female’’ thing. Pleasing to know that they can’t manage without us fellers after all.

On our way back we stopped for coffee debating whether or not to take a taxi into to the city


We walked.


Then we realised that we should make our way back to the ship, ‘’tut sweet’’. We had blinked twice and it was all over and Melbourne was waiting.